Internet and connectivity packages and options

ADSL, WiFi, 3G, data packages and much much more. We have the solution you need to stay connected.

Your phone, your way, with a package to suit you

Whether you want the latest iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson or anything else, we've got it.

Hardware and other fantastic goodies

Laptops, iPads and more - if it's web or connectivity related gadgetary we're guaranteed to have it.

Welcome to iMei - Technology @ Play

The Company

The iMei team is a group of individuals focused on giving both the individual and the corporate client the best connectivity at the best possible price. Through different distributers we can get you any hardware or software (from basic home anti-virus to cutting edge video editing software) and offer you solutions that are perfect for you. We understand that everyone is different and therefore can custom build a package that fulfills your requirements.


At iMei we pride ourselves in providing cutting edge, comprehensive communication solutions for corporate and home users alike.

You have the challenge, we’ll have the solution!

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